Group Employee benefits

We understand that every small business is different and strive to find the right benefit mix to reward employees and fit the employer’s budget.

On average with Health insurance the employer cost is 200 to 250 per month for a great benefit package. We have several small businesses that start out without health benefits and costs are significantly less

We offer the most up to date comprehensive group products for health, dental, vision, disability, and life, as well as section 125 cafeteria plans and individual insurance products for health, dental, disability, life, and long term care.

Check out the Teledoc tab, it is the most popular benefit today. Employees love the benefit and employers love the cost. Talk with a doctor who can diagnose and prescribe medication for over 70% of  illnesses without ever having to visit a doctors office for  only 9.00 per month, and the employees entire family can use it

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